Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Secret Sister

I have always wanted a sister, have had some really good friends who came close (one in particular) so I joined a group on-line to make a new one! Yesterday, after another long day at work where I swear if you could swim in paper, I was for sure, I got a box from my wonderful "sister"! She is awesome and it's as if she knew me personally! Look at the "goodies" she sent me!

Here is the outside - see the "quilted" print paper she used! It's from SU and is going to be part of their new paper line! How exciting!

Here's the "goodies" on the inside! My daughter literally snatched the puffy paint from me when she saw it! If I know that little rascal she already has plans for it!

Am I a lucky sister or what?!! Thanks Big Sis!

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