Friday, February 16, 2007

Just Can't Throw It Away!

Do you ever have something that you just can't seem to throw away?! You're not sure why you want to keep it - you just do! It may seem like someone else's trash but it has too much potential to wind up in that circular file?! Well, that would describe me, and probably a lot of stuff that is in my craft room! I was recently at a scrapbooking class where the instructor mentioned the strips that come at the bottom of scrapbooking paper sometimes! She said that if anyone ever came up with a use for those to let her know! Well, I love challenges! This idea just "came to me"! LOL! I took my punches, those strips and a new stamp set from SU! and made a card that I don't know if I'll be able to send to anyone - I like it too much!

Here is a picture of the scraps punched out and the punches that I used!

Here is a picture of the final card! Can you see the scraps I punched? They're the little blue strips, in case you're wondering! I got to use my new "Latte" stamp set I purchased recently from Stampin' Up as well! I love this set!
I'll let you know what the class instructor says too! I hope she liked my idea! Michelle

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Hidi Knox said...

I too am a big user of scraps for my cards. I have just recently become a SU Demonstartor, just checking out your blog and it looks great!
~Hidi Knox