Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Of My Handi-Work

This is a picture of the lunch bag I made my daughter for school! I used plastic pet mesh in the middle and pom poms to dress it up a bit! Unfortunately it was taken one day and not returned! I sure hope it went to a good home!
This is a book I made for a good friend of mine! She is really into her dogs and I thought I'd do something special for her! I love the brown and blue together!
This is a covered marble notebook that I made for another friend of mine! She is an awesome cook and tells great stories! I combined the two for her to write her stories down. You would die laughing at some of them! She is also the demo lady at a local grocery store, hence the title "Diary of a Demo Diva"! She also got a matching clipboard to go with it!

Well, I thought I'd show some of the things I do for fun! More tomorrow so tune back in then :)! Michelle

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Susie PSU said...

I found your blog comment on Stampin Up, so I hope you don't mind me lurking! The pictures of your son are very cute. And your crafts? STUNNING!! I so wish I had your talent and vision...