Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Organizing Suggestion

I am one of the lucky people who have a whole craft room! That is the good news, bad news is the room is a downsize from having the entire basement in the last two houses we lived in! Somehow you always manage to "grow into" your space, at least I did! So now, in a small room, I've had to come up with some clever ways to keep my things organized yet still accessible - not as easy as it sounds! I found one thing to help in my card making/scrapbooking process, read that as "finding what I need" it helped to put all my brads in one container! I found these plastic containers at Michael's (jewelry section) for less then $3 each. THe good thing is each compartment locks individually so if you accidentally knock it over - it's okay! It also helps the brads from "traveling" from one section to the other! It works great for separating your beads too! Take a look below to see what it looks like! Let me know if this suggestion works for you too!

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