Monday, May 21, 2007

Track My Mizunos ;)

Okay they say exercise is a good stress reducer. What does this have to do with me?! Well since December I have been running between 2 to 2.5 miles almost every morning! I've also added weight training to my schedule because it's supposed to help with osteoporosis too! What brought all this on?! Well it dawned on me that I am almost the same age my Mom was when she had her first massive heart attack and she when she passed away she had survived 2 heart attacks, one resulting in a stent, the other resulting in a 8 (yes, eight) by-passes (3 in her heart and a harness of 5 more through her body for circulation). She was a smoker too and also had lung cancer not to mention many other issues - all smoking related but that's a whole other soap box! The bigger thing is she is one of 3 family members to have heart attacks so.....I decided it was time to start - again! I had my heart scan, which I'm proud to say came back with ZERO artery blockages so this push was good for making me do at least that! Okay back to the "Mizunos"! These are my new running shoes, I've worn out my other two pair (an old pair from old days of running 5k's and their replacement)so I thought a bit of encouragement for myself would be to log my mileage on here too! Maybe this will help inspire someone else to do this too! Any takers on my challenge?! So, hence the title "Track my Mizunos"! They're purple by the way - what girl doesn't love purple running shoes! LOL!

So far to date;

Mizunos - 2.5 miles - 21 May 2007

How many did you do today?

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