Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here I Am!

The funniest thing keeps happening to me! The other day I was walking down the hallway at work and saw this lady I knew! When I walked into my office I'll be darned if she wasn't walking out! Now it was really getting weird when I started seeing her at my house...... LOL! It was ME! LOL! Seriously, things have been so crazy busy between home and work I was running into myself coming as I was going! What kept me so busy that I haven't been on here, have missed a swap I really wanted to do and more?! Well at work it's not only report card time but we're deep into winding down the 07/08 school year AND winding up (yep - winding UP!) for next school year already! After printing over 1,000 report cards, doing untold numbers of audits and filing out the, well you know - I'm still going strong! I haven't even been running as I've had a mystery pain in my side that is aggravated by running. This pain is baffling the doctors as they x-rayed my pelvis and did an ultrasound and found nothing! Weird thing is though.... the pain is in my left side under my ribcage! I'm thinking like a real estate agent here perhaps but, isn't location everything?! I have gotten some good drugs (hello valium!) off of it but, well, I took two and let's just suffice it to say... not doing those anymore!LOL! I'm dealing with it as best I can while the doctors look up their anatomy books to decide what to do next (my elbow x-rayed perhaps?!) My DH is out of the country this week too and took my camera with him, well okay he took the family camera with him so I haven't been able to take any pictures unless I used my camera phone! Bless the inventor of that little baby! So anyway, that's me for the last week or so! Crazier then usual but still here! LOL!


Katherine said...

It sounds like you've had an awful lot to contend with lately. Best wishes, dear. Hope the pain goes away soon!

Nardi said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and that the doctor's discover what is the cause and the treatment that accompanies the diagnosis.