Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aaaahhh Vacation.....

Why does time seem to go by faster when you're on vacation?! We just returned a day ago from a vacation to Wisconsin to see my DH's Grandmother! She is about to turn 89 and looks just wonderful! She is so much fun to talk to and hear her stories! While we were there my MIL and FIL came to visit as well. We got a great 4 generation picture as well - how awesome is that?! We actually stayed at a cabin on the lake and went in to town daily to visit. This lake was awesome! It was beautiful no matter where you looked. The sky, the trees, the water - incredible! We had so much fun fishing - I even baited my own hook (so proud of myself!) and we caught about 30 fish. My daughter broke a family record for the time they've owned this cabin on the lake which is quite some time. She caught 3 large bass off the end of the dock! It was so peaceful up there. We ran trails while we were there and seeing all the wildlife was so neat! The loons, Canadian Geese, squirrels, deer were all just so fun to see! We also went to the Mall of America, we flew into Minneapolis as it was the closest to where we needed to be. Breanna had a field day shopping and I didn't buy much - shocker there! I was/am still suffering through with my "cankle"! I ran on it and walked the mall for 2 days assuming they knew what they were talking about when they said "it all looks okay" - hmmm why is my ankle puffy swollen and sore then?! I ran and it hurt and I figured I just needed to run through it - bad move I think! While I was gone I got a phone message stating I needed more xrays. Hhhmm I think I should have rested this ankle of mine! They're looking at it now to see if I have a stress fracture - nice job! I hope it doesn't blow my summer goal for running! Anyway, enjoy the pictures I took!

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