Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cute Card & More

Well, I think it's going to take a couple of extra days for me to hit my "100 mile" mark! I did something, who knows what, to my ankle! It was sensitive to the touch last week and I didn't think anything else of it. Saturday I ran my 6 miles with my DH (who ran 12!) and I noticed on the way home it was swollen! I had what my daughter calls a "cankle"! LOL! I took Sunday off, did only weights and elyptical on Monday but it swelled back up - ugh! Anyway I took today off so I now have time to upload a really cute card I made "just because"! I had seen the fish on another person's blog and had the scrap to use and knew they'd work together perfectly! I put a small punched out heart on it's lips though to make it a kissing fish! I remember going to the pet stores growing up and watching the fish to see if they'd really kiss! LOL! Okay TMI perhaps but the card turned out cute anyway! I hope you like it!

I am off now to finish up a couple of other cards I started but didn't finish yet!

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