Friday, July 27, 2007

Funny Thoughts & More.....

Have you ever watched a show or gone to an event where they say "Today's event sponsored by......"?! Well for some reason while I was out solving my world's problems, aka daily run, I had this thought go through my head "Today's run sponsored by Chantal's carrot cake"! LOL! Good thing no one else is out when I go or they'd have wondered what was up as I caught myself laughing out loud! Chantal is my new friend who held a Stampin Up party last night - great show by the way! One of the good "bennies" of being a demo is going to your shows and having all the goodies they provide at your fingertips - literally! LOL! Chantal sent home a big ole slice of her carrot cake and, well, I should be a magician as I made it disappear! LOL! She is also a Pampered Chef consultant if you're local and looking for some great cooking items! Check out her website and see what her August specials are -

I'm obviously better with my "cankle" issue since I'm back in my Mizunos again! YEAH ME! I am about 50+ miles behind in my training because of it but, hey who's counting! I had fun being "laid up" and my craft room shows it! I have been busy up there and have even completed my first newsletter! If you'd like to have a copy for yourself just email me and I'd be happy to send it to you. Just be sure you're willing to accept attachments as it's a "word document"!

I'm off to work now as my contract is starting again for the new school year - let the fun begin!

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