Sunday, October 21, 2007

Storage Ideas

I was asked today at my class how I store all my punches and other items related to my stamping. So here is my Ikea shoe storage turned "punch holder" as well as marker holder and "knick knack" storage!

The ink pad storage is actually 2 antique sewing machine drawers I found in a store up in Wisconsin last summer. I found the set of drawers at TJ Max and just love it as it's great for storing all sorts of "things"! I found the other storage boxes are from Ikea also. I love all their stuff since it's so versatile!

The room looks like it's a neat organized area doesn't it?! He he he - don't let the pictures fool you! If you could see behind me, around me, beside me etc... you'd know what I mean! LOL! I have good intentions of cleaning it up this week!


1 comment:

bettybetty said...

totally great storage area, i so need something for my ink pads, keep on stampin'