Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kitchen Aid Love Affair

Well, if you know me you know my daughter Breanna! If you know Breanna, you know she loves to bake! For the past few years this little girl has begged, yes begged and even tried bribery, to get a Kitchen Aide! Well one "Black Friday" shopping trip later I caved and made a purchase of one that was less then the Ipod she got for her birthday 6 months ago! I only paid $105 for this new object of her affection! I love to bake but don't eat all those sweets anymore and, she does so I have pretty much handed down my wooden spoon with the understanding I may borrow it back once in a while! LOL! Here are some pictures of her with her newest bestest friend!

Can't you almost hear her saying "Hey Mom I figured out what this tool is for....Aaarrggh"!

She can just crack herself up sometimes! (I'm probably dead meat for actually putting this one on here when she finds out!)

She really does love her new baby! I should post a picture of the look of disbelief on her face when she opened the box telling her it was waiting for her at home (we were in Wisconsin for Christmas!)

Aaahh the fruits, I mean the chocolate chip cookies of her labor! She made these for a friend of mine at work! She told Breanna she had to make her something with her new KA the last time they talked on the phone so, Breanna using any excuse she can to bake, came through on her promise! I see only 7 cookies here.....where are the other 2 dozen?! If the chocolate under the tape she put on with a note for "Ms Tane" was any indication, that means my child is (hopefully) sharing the rest with her friends and didn't have any for breakfast! LOL!


Michele Zwart said...

I love my Kitchen Aide too! Your daughter has good taste in appliances! Who knows...maybe she'll become the next Rachael Ray!

Amy said...

I so want one of those..and I don't really even bake but I think if I had one I'd magically turn into an amazing cook...