Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Scrappin'

I'm still scrappin'! It was another crazeee day at work! Still plugging away putting student information in, working on report card stuff, catching up on audits, meeting myself coming as I'm going.....! LOL! You know, normal day to day routine type stuff! LOL! Anyway, to relax and feel better about having some "self accomplishment" today I finished up 2 pages and started another!

Here they are;

This one is from another of Amy's "ricettas". I like how they're different and incorporate more then the standard squares and rectangles that I seem to be stuck on! Anyway, my son Michael went through a dye stage and in this picture he wanted to see if blondes really did have more fun! I tried it once too and no, they don't! LOL!

Here's another one of Michael. I used a chipboard precolored word for the word "Smile" that I picked up at Michael's for $2! Great deal as I used the words again in another LO too! I also used the 2 star punches from Stampin Up to get the stars. If you punch the small one, then center the larger one over it you get a perfect cutout from the stars for a different look! This picture is of him playing with those old cheap cups you used to be able to get at gas stations. He was the apple of my Dad's eye when he lived with them while I was stationed in Korea. Best buds - that's my Dad's foot in the foreground! LOL! You wanted to know that right?!

Tiny ballerina - or not! LOL! Here's Breanna at age 4 at her dance class and another picture of her showing her silly side about it! Needless to say she didn't go any more after that set of classes ran out! Here's an idea for you to try sometime, at Target, in their dollar spot they have rhinestone tatoos once in a while. I used one of those, in a heart shape to surround her face and add another element to the space! I really like it! Oh and more of my little dots too! LOL! I really like those things!

My Mizunos Are On The Move Again

Yeah Me! I've been quite lazy lately, why? I don't know! I went out with a friend to the mall yesterday and maybe it was because I admitted it out loud, or maybe it was because she asked why not and I answered "I've been lazy"! Either way I got a move on again this morning! It's amazing how good it can make you feel to get your exercise first thing! Besides, running first thing in the morning means it's dark and I don't have to shave my legs! LOL! Anywhoooooo - YEAH ME! A girls gotta toot her own horn sometimes! LOL!

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Flowers Class - Sneak Peek!

If you're on the fence, so to speak, about signing up for my "Spring Flowers" class here are some sneek peak pictures to push you over the fence! LOL! These are just a couple so far..... Enjoy!

We'll be using the "Jumbo Outline Letters" here along with one of the flowers from the tin

This one looks a little off as I didn't know how to photograph it to show it's best side (so to speak!) We'll be using punches too on this one as part of the front is actually a "peephole" to the inside showing off the flower!

Stay tuned for more pictures and sneak peeks!

Details of a Busy Week

It's been a crazy week at work! I felt like doorman for a revolving door at school! We've had more kids coming and going then at the beginning of the year! I come home totally wiped out, so bad if you're one to watch "my Mizuno" counter it hasn't moved...!LOL! I actually called home on Monday and told my DH that I wasn't making dinner but taking Breanna out to eat and would bring him home something! I don't know how he does it like this every day - crazy! We also had to get ready for his birthday so we did some much needed shopping to get a few last minute items we wanted to get for him! I had taken my friend Esther with me and showed her where to get the coolest cigar boxes ever - CHEAP! If you have a tobacco store near you pop in and ask if they sell their boxes! They really package those things in the neatest boxes! The same applied to Tuesday, Wednesday Breanna had plans to do something with "that boy" so Brian and I just ate whatever stroked our fancy (read that as cereal for me and Ramen for him!) Thursday, aaaah dinner on Thursday! LOL! Ever have one of those periods of time where you're better off feeding your family PB&J sandwiches? The meal I attempted that night was nothing short of horrendous! LOL! Burned the chicken, soupy mashed potatoes but the carrots turned out okay! My poor family! LOL! I hope it picks up this week! LOL!
I do have some projects I have been working on though! YEAH! I've gotten some scrapbook pages finished and some cards too! See what you think and..... tell me! LOL!

This one is following a "ricetta" from "Amy" - she has great layout ideas and I knew I wanted to do this one for my honey! It really showcases his accomplishment!

This is an old one I am finishing up of my oldest daughter. It's before I had my son and I won't say how long ago that was! LOL! You can see I'm still loving the little "dots"! They seem to work perfect for everything! I used SU's jumbo outline letters for the letters l-e on "playtime". I just love that set as it is so versatile!

On to the cards!

I used the SU set "Tart and Tangy" along with the coordinating papers for this card. I love the bright colors of this paper they're so "clean" looking! If you're a retro gal you'd love these too as they totally look "50's-ish"!

This stamp set is from the SU set called "Always". I love how the flowers are made to go into the bird like that. There are other stamps in this set that are really versatile to both card making and especially scrapbooking.

Here we are with another "Tart and Tangy" card. I can't remember the name of this set off right now but will edit this post later with it! Edited - The words are part of a Stampin Up set called "Smarty Pants"

I used old DP from SU on this one and a kitty sticker I got from Michael's dollar bin! The kitty is SO cute! I had to use him for a card for kids and, more dots!

I'm not crazy about this card but it was in my head to do's done! Now it's back as it needs to be redone differently! I just need to figure out how! LOL! It's coming....stay tuned! LOL!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted! I am on Spring Break here and decided to go see my Dad for a while! It was a very nice visit too! I have lots of pictures of things I did get finished to post too but will do that later after our Easter dinner at my friend Vanessa's house!

I hope you are having a great Easter or, that you had a great Easter! Here are a few pictures of our Easter here in D.C.! Don't let the gorgeous sunshine fool you was cold!!!

Here's my handsome honey and I after church! He's not mad he just claims the sun was in his eyes! LOL! Notice it's not in mine! LOL!

Here's my youngest daughter and me - notice no sun there either! LOL! I think I should make him take those pictures over again don't you?!

Okay now here's the funny bunny's idea of Easter gifts for me! LOL! I can't stop laughing when I think of it! I have a tendency to take extra Splenda when I'm at Starbucks! I might need it! Well, apparently the Easter Bunny thinks I shouldn't be so........ look at what he got me! LOL! Oh that was too funny! If you look at the red tin in the back, Breanna made me a gift! She made me the magnets with letters that spell out "LUTM", translated - Love You The Most! What a sweetie!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Fun!

Note - the first posting of this had to be deleted due to spam! Darn creeps!

Woooo! I'm having so many fun days lately I almost don't know what to do! LOL! Sunday my friend Vanessa and I ran the Washington D.C. St Patrick's Day 8K race! It was cold, it was windy, I was thinking "we're totally crazy for doing this...." but, we had SO much fun anyway despite it all! Big waves to Vanessa you're an awesome running partner! Poor Vanessa is seriously going to have to consider weights in the hem of her pants next time as she had a hard time running in the wind! It's one time I'm glad I have a little weight on my body I wasn't as easy for the wind to blow around! LOL! We did it though! We both finished in good times too! YEAH for us!! Enjoy the pictures we took before, during and after! LOL! I guess you can tell who the "scrappy runners" are huh?! LOL!

This is just before the race. We're smiling now because we're warm! Starbucks is good for more then coffee sometimes! It's where we waited for the race to start. Don't we look "cute" in our matching tees?! We had matching glittery hair scrunchies too! Vanessa is such a great friend! I had a ton of fun with her!

Here we are enjoying our run mid way and smiling despite the huge cold windgusts in our faces! True scrappers huh!

We did it! Here we are still smiling at the end! Actually I think the smiles were frozen on our faces by then! LOL! We were glad to be done! LOL!

Now, on to the next race.........

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Fun Day!

If only I could have these kind of days more often! It is Read Across America week and the kids were challenged for reading several books! If they read 3500 books the principals had to wear their jammies to school! Well, being the team players we are, a couple of us in the office wore ours too! Don'tcha think we look happy?!! This is me and my "chingoo" (Korean for friend) Robin! She's so sweet! I love her jammies with all the coffee cups on them! Mmmm love my java too! Iwas a big hit with Sponge Bob on my jammies! They were, of course, quickly confiscated by Breanna when I got home! LOL!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tagged.....I'm "It"!

I've been "TAGGED"! I'm "IT"! LOL! I've seen this "tag" going around on the different blogs I follow and thought "how interesting"! Now I think "wow I have to figure our 7 wierd or interesting facts about myself - tough job"! LOL! Hmmm I've been tagged by my friends Nardi and Danyelle - thanks guys! So do I list only 7 now, or should I list 14?! I think I'll stick with the 7 for now! LOL! Okay first - the rules (there are always rules right?! LOL!) I have to post back to the people who "tagged" me, then post on 7 more blogs to let them know they've been "tagged"! Well, sit down and brace yourself for some soulbaring interesting (or not) tidbits about myself!

1. I am a woman (no shocker there!) that doesn't like chocolate or ice cream (I see
your jaw drop open there!)

2. I have almost 14 years of military service in the Air Force - thats active duty,
active Reserves and inactive Reserves!

3. I am the only girl in my family - right smack in the middle of 4 boys! They're
all either still active duty military or retired military too! (no, I wasn't
spoiled either - really!)

4. I LOVE fast cars (see previous post), wait some of you already know that.....
especially my BFF Cally who was with me when I got my last ticket - oops!

5. I hate grocery shopping with a passion! Let me loose in a mall all day or a
craft store and I have a very active imagination but, put food in front of me
and I'm stuck for ideas! LOL!

6. I am a crafty person - name it I've done it! Macrame animals, cake decorating,
making beaded jewelry, quilting (I'm even published in a book as a quilt
tester!), painted windows and wall murals, and am a paper crafter but, I can NOT
gift wrap worth a darn! I stink at it actually! I love the person who came up
with the "gift bag" idea! They ROCK!

7. I've lived on 3 different continents, have traveled to 19 different countries,
I've moved over 30 times in my lifetime!

Okay I think I'm good for now but let me think of some others who need this "tag" too! I choose,



Those are the only ones I can come up with right now that haven't already been tagged! Have fun girls!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dreams CAN Come True!!

It's Sunday here but, for me, it was "funday"! WOO HOO! I had a dream come true today courtesy of "that boy's" Dad!! Don't worry it's all innocent! His Dad has a 2002 metallic red corvette that makes my heart just race with the thought of ever driving it! Heck just talk about it or, hold me back here, put the key in my hand and you should get the paramedics on the line! Can you say major heart palpitations?! LOL! Well today I don't know what was going faster - my heart or the corvette! I GOT TO DRIVE IT!!!!! I went by to pick "that boy" up to go to the mall with Breanna and asked if there was anything I could do for him since Chantal (his wife and friend of mine) was gone and he had been having foot trouble! I was thinking maybe run to the store, bring something back.....! LOL! Totally not expecting that, this dream, would happen today! He told me, "matter of fact yeah I do" and said "it's a nice day to drive the vette"! My thoughts at the time were, OMG tell me he didn't just hint that I could drive it......... he did! HE REALLY DID! I didn't hesitate to park my car and jump right in and off we went! I wasn't even thinking as I left Breanna and that boy home alone! If you know me that is "big"! LOL! LOL! Anyway, little excited here can you tell?! LOL! Here are a couple of pictures of me and "the CAR"! LOL!

This is at my house when I went to show Brian and get my camera - had to have pictures!

Here's proof I actually got to sit in the drivers seat! I'm in love!!

I'm sure I fit the profile of a total dork as excited as I was but, heck, I sure was a happy dork today! Thanks Clay for an AWESOME Funday!