Friday, July 27, 2007

Funny Thoughts & More.....

Have you ever watched a show or gone to an event where they say "Today's event sponsored by......"?! Well for some reason while I was out solving my world's problems, aka daily run, I had this thought go through my head "Today's run sponsored by Chantal's carrot cake"! LOL! Good thing no one else is out when I go or they'd have wondered what was up as I caught myself laughing out loud! Chantal is my new friend who held a Stampin Up party last night - great show by the way! One of the good "bennies" of being a demo is going to your shows and having all the goodies they provide at your fingertips - literally! LOL! Chantal sent home a big ole slice of her carrot cake and, well, I should be a magician as I made it disappear! LOL! She is also a Pampered Chef consultant if you're local and looking for some great cooking items! Check out her website and see what her August specials are -

I'm obviously better with my "cankle" issue since I'm back in my Mizunos again! YEAH ME! I am about 50+ miles behind in my training because of it but, hey who's counting! I had fun being "laid up" and my craft room shows it! I have been busy up there and have even completed my first newsletter! If you'd like to have a copy for yourself just email me and I'd be happy to send it to you. Just be sure you're willing to accept attachments as it's a "word document"!

I'm off to work now as my contract is starting again for the new school year - let the fun begin!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Last Card

This card is SO cute! I just loved how it turned out! I used the small circle punch and the flower punch (the legs are a flower that I cut apart). I used the "Happy Birthday" from "Voila" for the sentiment! The background has "Itty Bitty Backgrounds" with "Versamark" ink. I hope you like it!

On a Roll Here!

I had a hard day at play today! I took one break to go add a new addition to my scrapbooking family though! I bought a new Fiskars cutter from Costco and let me tell you - it cuts sooo good! I don't know why I waited so long! LOL! It helped me to finish up the layouts I did below!

This one is a picture of my husband at his last marathon. He ran it in 4:12 - that's 26 miles! I used a star stamp from a Christmas hostess set (embossed in white) and you can't tell but there is more red on the background using a stamp from the new punch box set too! I love that set! LOL!

3 guesses who this is! LOL! I love my job, what more can I say! I guess you would have to in order to wear that cow costume! The kids loved it, the school earned over $200 so it was well worth it! I used a variety of different stamp sets on this one.

This is my oldest daughter, Jessica. This picture of her makes me think of the phone calls I get from her where she says "I had a good day today Mom"! She doesn't smile near as much as she should! Doesn't she look happy here?! Her Grandfather is an awesome photographer and he took these pictures. He also took the picture of Michael that I love so much. I used the "Baroque Motifs" for this one too! I think I'm going to wear that set out fast! LOL!

Embossing Fun

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the new Stampin Up set called "Baroque Motifs"? Well I have two more new cards below that I broke out the embossing gun and powders, as well as some of the new hardware in the Fall & Winter catalog! The new gemstone brads are gorgeous! Take a look!

The gemstone brads come in two shapes - square and round. The square ones seemed to fit this one best! I also did some "dry embossing" on this one. Stay tuned there'll be a class for this one soon!

My daughter says she doesn't care for the words on the front of this one - what do you think?

I didn't have the right color brads for this one so I solved that problem! I took some of the plain pewter ones, dipped them in black embossing powder and voila - black brads!

Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Fun Cards

I love my punches! They're so much fun and there's SO much you can do with them! It's one of those "think outside the box" type things I think! So last night, playing with my new stamp sets still, I made two new cards! I used all SU products again with only one exception! On the Thanksgiving card I used a piece of gold crochet cotton for the bow - it needed it!

I love the swirls on this card! They're so elegant and "fluid" like! I can see me using this set(Baroque Motifs)a LOT! I also used the word window punch, the stamped word came from the new SU punch box set (another much loved set!) and the cardstock is vanilla, soft sky and chocolate chip - almost sounds like an ice cream combination! Oh I also used another punch the 3 in 1 flower punch! This particular one makes great flowers, or "primas" as they're known in the scrapbooking world! LOL!

I love the script on this stamp set (Hugs & Wishes)- it's so beautiful! Can you believe I used the small oval punch for the pumpkin?! Too cute! I used the chocolate chip cardstock and the Designer Paper (new!) in So Saffron (I love that color it goes with everything!) You might not be able to tell but I also used my paper piercing set to add a little texture to the solid So Saffron card stock as well!

If you see something you like and want one of your own - just email me to find out how you can get it for yourself, better yet - get it for FREE

Still Having Fun!

With only 2 days left of my summer break I am still having fun! I sat down and made 2 scrapbook pages last night using only my Stampin Up products! I love the way they turned out!

This is a picture a friend of Breanna's took that I just love because it's so "her"! You can't help buy smile when you see it - hence the title I gave it!

This is a layout for my son, in case you can't see the title ;o)! It's a favorite picture of mine and I have it framed and hanging in 2 rooms at home as well as at work! He's so handsome when he smiles and, of course, he's my favorite son!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aaaahhh Vacation.....

Why does time seem to go by faster when you're on vacation?! We just returned a day ago from a vacation to Wisconsin to see my DH's Grandmother! She is about to turn 89 and looks just wonderful! She is so much fun to talk to and hear her stories! While we were there my MIL and FIL came to visit as well. We got a great 4 generation picture as well - how awesome is that?! We actually stayed at a cabin on the lake and went in to town daily to visit. This lake was awesome! It was beautiful no matter where you looked. The sky, the trees, the water - incredible! We had so much fun fishing - I even baited my own hook (so proud of myself!) and we caught about 30 fish. My daughter broke a family record for the time they've owned this cabin on the lake which is quite some time. She caught 3 large bass off the end of the dock! It was so peaceful up there. We ran trails while we were there and seeing all the wildlife was so neat! The loons, Canadian Geese, squirrels, deer were all just so fun to see! We also went to the Mall of America, we flew into Minneapolis as it was the closest to where we needed to be. Breanna had a field day shopping and I didn't buy much - shocker there! I was/am still suffering through with my "cankle"! I ran on it and walked the mall for 2 days assuming they knew what they were talking about when they said "it all looks okay" - hmmm why is my ankle puffy swollen and sore then?! I ran and it hurt and I figured I just needed to run through it - bad move I think! While I was gone I got a phone message stating I needed more xrays. Hhhmm I think I should have rested this ankle of mine! They're looking at it now to see if I have a stress fracture - nice job! I hope it doesn't blow my summer goal for running! Anyway, enjoy the pictures I took!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I had fun today! I sat down and played with some of my new SU stamp sets! I also played with some new stamps I got on our vacation (I'll tell you more about vacation later!) Here are some pictures of the cards I made today!

This is a card a friend of mine and I made together a week ago! I was showing her how to stamp - she is so sweet and enjoyed the whole experience! I can't wait for her to come back! I love enthusiastic friends!

Ever see a stamp and, no doubt about it, had to have that stamp?! Well that was the case with this one! My DH's reaction? "Don't you have enough stamps"?! Silly man! The stamp on the inside says "Never underestimate the power of a woman on caffeine"! Love it!

This is a card I made using one of the new hostess sets! You can get this set for your very own just by having a party! Let me know if you're interested! I also used the 3 flower punch for the 3D flowers! They also have diamond glitter in the middle of them.

I needed to use up a scrap here, well okay as soon as I made this "scrap" I had an idea for how to use it! This is the "negative" from the card "Just For You"! I used the new SU Punch Box for the flowers on this one and the words! It also contains 3 little ink pads that are perfect for just sampling the ink colors! I think I have to get these colors now!

This is a stamp I found in Wisconsin. I saw it and "had to have it"! It turned out beautifully! My DH used this card to thank his Mom for all the treats she brought up to us while we were visiting my DH's Grandma!

This cute card is made with the new Zoofari stamps! How cute would these be on a scrapbook page from the zoo?! How about an invitation for a child's birthday party?! The possibilities with this set are almost endless!

Here is another card made using a "Hostess Stamp Set"! This one is a great set to have with the holidays coming. It contains so many different stamps for making tags, cards, decorations etc...! If you want more information on how to get it for your very own just email me and I'll give you the details!

Now tomorrow is another day! So many little time...until I go back to my other job that supports this habit! LOL!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Keep Up With Me....

Keeping up with me just got easier! I signed up for the "Feedblitz" option on my blog! Just put your email address in and when I post new entries they'll come to you automatically! How can it get any easier! I look forward to sharing more with you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! I wish you a safe and happy holiday!

New Stampin Up Catalog

If you're like me and just can't wait to see what the new Stampin Up catalog has to offer - wait no more! I included the link for you to see it for yourself!

Did you know when you book a party with me you get one to keep for your very own - along with some other great products all for FREE! Contact me to set up your party today!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Catalog Stuff Is Here :)

It's here! My new SU stuff from their new catalog - YEAH! I was so "into" my new toys that I didn't even realize Breanna had taken these pictures! I got in 9 new stamp sets, 4 new sets of paper (2 DP sets, 1 mix of 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12) and the new punch box set as well! Oh the fun I'll have planning new and exciting classes and events for all my new hostesses!

Oblivious to anything else....

Yep! It's all here - YEAH!!!

I need to work on my tan this hard too ;)! Good thing is you can't see any grey! LOL!

Cute Card & More

Well, I think it's going to take a couple of extra days for me to hit my "100 mile" mark! I did something, who knows what, to my ankle! It was sensitive to the touch last week and I didn't think anything else of it. Saturday I ran my 6 miles with my DH (who ran 12!) and I noticed on the way home it was swollen! I had what my daughter calls a "cankle"! LOL! I took Sunday off, did only weights and elyptical on Monday but it swelled back up - ugh! Anyway I took today off so I now have time to upload a really cute card I made "just because"! I had seen the fish on another person's blog and had the scrap to use and knew they'd work together perfectly! I put a small punched out heart on it's lips though to make it a kissing fish! I remember going to the pet stores growing up and watching the fish to see if they'd really kiss! LOL! Okay TMI perhaps but the card turned out cute anyway! I hope you like it!

I am off now to finish up a couple of other cards I started but didn't finish yet!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

BLOG Candy

This is the best candy of all isn't it?! I was just noticing that my Mizuno count is almost at 100 miles! In 13.4 miles it will be - should happen this week! If you leave a comment telling me what you're doing for your health (we all want to live long enough to play with all of our cool toys right?) I'll choose one, or someone in my house will, and I'll send you some "BLOG Candy"! Now I just have to figure out what it will be - I have lots of ideas! I'll post a picture later when I narrow it down! So, lets hear it.........