Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just A Pretty Picture

I just thought I'd share a pretty picture with whoever reads my blog today! This was taken in September of 2004 in Triberg Germany. Triberg is also known as the "Black Forest" because of the dense trees, believe me it is dark in there! It's the largest waterfall in Germany as well. We did our Christmas card pictures here that year, they're one of my favorites!

Well enjoy and don't forget to write in and let me know how you're doing on your exercise challenge! I'll have to come up with a crafty challenge soon too !

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Card & More!

It was a nice long 2 day weekend however, it went by way toooo fast! I'm still dealing with being sick - I think it's a chest cold, but it's getting better every day! I didn't work out Saturday and Sunday I spent the day at work but Monday I split the difference did elyptical for 1 mile and walked another 3 plus my weights. Today I ran the whole 3.4 and did weights! Anyway, on to more important stuff!

My DH asked me to make him a gift card holder for his Dad's Father's Day card (first year he's ever beaten me to getting a gift for our Dads!) so I "cased" an idea from another website and I think it turned out great! I'm happy with the colors but my DH's first reaction was "are those manly colors?"! LOL! Men wear pink don't they?! Besides my in-laws are great at re-using things so I did it with that idea in mind! My Father-in-law also has beautiful flower beds around his house so I did flowers for him instead of "manly" things! LOL! Here's the pictures;


I used Yo-yo yello, Tempting Turquiose and Green Galore cardstock and the Stampin Up stamp set called - "Take Three"! I did the coloring with markers by the same name color as the cardstock! Type A people have to love how SU totally coordinates their colors of everything! I do! LOL! I almost forgot - I also used the "ticket punch" for the corners and the "word window punch" for the slot to stick the gift card in"! If you don't have these punches yet let me know - they're totally worth the investment!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pocket Cards

Well, I woke up sick this morning - not a good thing since I have so much that I need to get done today! I have my fingers crossed that this Excendrin Sinus stuff (and coffee) works! So no Mizuno movement today! LOL! Instead I am posting pictures of some really cute cards I made this week! I have seen these pocket cards on the Split Coast Stampers website and they are so cute! I love their versatility! I made a couple of different styles;

I made this one for my secret sister from the Split Coast Stampers site! She said she loved chocolate so I tried to figure out a way to get some chocolate to her that wouldn't melt this time of year! I knew I had it when I thought "Starbucks card + SU Chocolate paper = perfect gift! I love the chocolate paper combined with the pink and the designer paper "Au Chocolat" too! I hope she likes it! Oh and I made the pocket 1/4" bigger to accomodate the thickness of the Starbucks card too ;)!

I made 3 of this one! Last week was bosses week but, for us at school, it was also testing week for the State designated tests. Well time was not of their own, so we decided to wait until next week to give them our gift from the office. We're giving them a sit down, catered lunch since most days they don't have time to sit or eat even! I made these pocket cards as invitations to the event! I did use a couple of Stampin Up things;)! The ribbon is the sheer organza ribbon from SU and the word stamp is an old retired one from SU, the swirls are actually from "I Like it a Latte" stamp set, still available! I think they're supposed to be mists from the coffee cups in that set but, I use them for lots of other things like this!. The rest of the paper and stamps are from Michael's craft store! I've seen the face stamp lots of different places though! I really like it so I use it a lot! I think they look kind of French with the swirls and I especially like the red and black combo!

Well that's it for today! I might still get to do a work out but we'll call this one "retail therapy"! It's been a rough week and I deserve to celebrate my promotion with a shopping bag of goodies or two - don't I?! LOL! See you later!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Track My Mizunos ;)

Okay they say exercise is a good stress reducer. What does this have to do with me?! Well since December I have been running between 2 to 2.5 miles almost every morning! I've also added weight training to my schedule because it's supposed to help with osteoporosis too! What brought all this on?! Well it dawned on me that I am almost the same age my Mom was when she had her first massive heart attack and she when she passed away she had survived 2 heart attacks, one resulting in a stent, the other resulting in a 8 (yes, eight) by-passes (3 in her heart and a harness of 5 more through her body for circulation). She was a smoker too and also had lung cancer not to mention many other issues - all smoking related but that's a whole other soap box! The bigger thing is she is one of 3 family members to have heart attacks so.....I decided it was time to start - again! I had my heart scan, which I'm proud to say came back with ZERO artery blockages so this push was good for making me do at least that! Okay back to the "Mizunos"! These are my new running shoes, I've worn out my other two pair (an old pair from old days of running 5k's and their replacement)so I thought a bit of encouragement for myself would be to log my mileage on here too! Maybe this will help inspire someone else to do this too! Any takers on my challenge?! So, hence the title "Track my Mizunos"! They're purple by the way - what girl doesn't love purple running shoes! LOL!

So far to date;

Mizunos - 2.5 miles - 21 May 2007

How many did you do today?