Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Wish Lists

It's that time of year again, hustle and bustle of shopping for just the right gift for everyone on your list! Now, the big question, what do YOU want to see wrapped under your Christmas tree for yourself?!

With Stampin Up's large selection of quality stamp sets, paper packages and all those wonderful accessories I bet you'd love it if your significant other, family or friends, were to surprise you with some of these great toys! Better yet, how about a gift certificate for use with the new catalog coming out in January?! My DH is really good about getting me exactly what I want (I know I am VERY lucky that way!)! All I have to do is walk up to it or point it out in a catalog and say "I want THAT"! LOL! Send me your Christmas wish list, have the person(s) you want to purchase these items for you contact me and "voila", it'll show up under your tree or in your stocking!

Let me help with the wrapping as well, for every Christmas gift order I receive I will wrap it in Stampin Up's exclusive (and gorgeous!) wrapping paper! How's that for a deal?! LOL! In the past I have received many gifts wrapped by the store so I know my DH looks for these good deals too! LOL! Tell them to hurry and place the order so I can get it back in time!

This is a great idea for you to give your friends as well!

I'm looking forward to helping fulfill your Christmas wishes!

Contact info;

Michelle - SAVO3@COX.NET
Email subject line - SU Christmas Wish List
Stampin Up Website - WWW.StampinUp.Com

Happy Holidays!

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Janine said...

WOW!! What a gorgeous tree !!
Happy Christmas to you and your family too.