Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wisconsin Holiday Visit

Doesn't just looking at this picture make you cold?

We're home from Wisconsin now! A day late and more then "a" dollar short, but we're home! The picture above is from the front door of my in-laws house and is the reason we're home late! We were freezing our hineys off in this snowstorm! It waited until Friday, the day we were supposed to leave, to show up! We got somewhere around 8" all together. We got to the airport to leave and wouldn't you know it the airport closed down! They told us our flight would be the first one out but, wouldn't you know it, as soon as we get through security they cancelled our flight!Shheeez! We wound up having to spend the night at a hotel (lucky we got a room!) the next day we took a shuttle to Chicago to catch an earlier flight then they originally told us. We had to fly through Minneapolis to get back to DC! Funny how that system works! We got home around midnight Saturday worn out! It was an awesome vacation though. My husband has the best family - how they all get along is beyond me but they do! I hope you all had a good Christmas holiday too!


CresceNet said...

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Vanna B said...

But its SNOW!!!!! :-) LOL! I sure hope we get some here in Virginia soon!!!!!!!

Lastel said...

It looks cold , but it is so pretty , makes me miss snow , we don't get much snow here in the Portland Oregon area !