Friday, September 28, 2007

Coolest Snail Ever!

I am a lucky demo! Why do I say that?! Well I have an upline who has the best ideas! I don't know where this one came from but, look at it! How cool is that snail tape runner?! We learned to make this at a meeting at her house this week. She had some other great ideas out for us to look at but this was our "make and take"!

It was made from one of the ID badge holders from Office Depot. I'm sure you can tell how to make it just by looking but what about those stamps?! I have been able to avoid the big flower one.....but not for much longer! I love the little circle too! It says "Rubber Stamper . 365 Days" around it and "stamp, stamp, stamp". All you have to do with it is clip it (the flower part) to your pocket or apron and the tape can be pulled out on the string part! No more losing your tape in a pile of paper!

I love it, don't you?!!

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