Monday, September 10, 2007

New Cards!

It's been a while since I posted anything here! I thought I should probably show that besides working and training I have been dabbling in some fun stuff too! I made these "cool" snowflake cards using all SU products except the tiny little red crystal in the middle of the red snowflake! I love this grey paper as well as the "embossing" technique you can see in the grey and silver card! Take a look!

There is a lady at the school where I work as well who should probably be wearing a superwoman cape as, in addition to being a kindergarten aide and mother of 4 with 3 being tripletts, she also works a part time job at Target (Tarjhaayyyy!)! The other day she took a pair of pants, that I got the wrong size in, to her Target and exchanged them for me! How nice was that?! Well to thank her I altered a mini notepad to give her as a "thanks"! It doesn't hurt that she was telling me she was looking for ideas for "thank you's" for their room moms too! I wrote my thanks on the inside!

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Corie said...

Love these -- FANTASTIC creations!!!