Friday, February 8, 2008

Neat Idea

I have a Dad who is hard to buy for - don't we all have someone like that in our lives?! Holidays stress you, birthdays etc.... what do you get them especially when they can buy it for themselves if they really want it right?! Well, a band teacher who works at the same school as I has a business on the side that was the best idea yet! He has a business for videography of special events such as weddings etc. I have the plans, right now to have him put pictures on a DVD of my parents through the years and each of us children! There are 5 of us, I was cursed, I mean blessed with 4 brothers and I have pictures of all of us at different stages of life that would be an awesome DVD for my Dad to watch! I lost my Mom 3 years ago so including pictures of them at different stages of their marriage would be great! I also asked him to help me repair a photo that I had glued into a picture frame of a calendar I had planned to give my Mom the same year she passed away. It was my favorite of my 3 kids and I thought it was ruined! He saved it and I am so grateful as he did an awesome job! So I thought I'd share this awesome idea with you as I'm sure he can help anyone even through the mail! So if you're looking for a good, no make that great gift idea, then check out his website at - tell him Michelle sent ya!

Give it a thought, or two!

Okay John, there's the plug I promised! You really did a great job and I am thankful!


kk127g said...

What a great picture I love it.

Amy said...

Your Dad will really appreciate this...I've made these for both my parents and my inlaws (none of them live together or near us) and they love seeing these little minivideos of the boys!

Jody said...

Great idea!

Nardi said...

Great idea Michelle.
Btw - can you please email me your address so I can send your PIF gift to you? ( I have tried to email you but have not had a reply. Thanks.