Sunday, March 30, 2008

Details of a Busy Week

It's been a crazy week at work! I felt like doorman for a revolving door at school! We've had more kids coming and going then at the beginning of the year! I come home totally wiped out, so bad if you're one to watch "my Mizuno" counter it hasn't moved...!LOL! I actually called home on Monday and told my DH that I wasn't making dinner but taking Breanna out to eat and would bring him home something! I don't know how he does it like this every day - crazy! We also had to get ready for his birthday so we did some much needed shopping to get a few last minute items we wanted to get for him! I had taken my friend Esther with me and showed her where to get the coolest cigar boxes ever - CHEAP! If you have a tobacco store near you pop in and ask if they sell their boxes! They really package those things in the neatest boxes! The same applied to Tuesday, Wednesday Breanna had plans to do something with "that boy" so Brian and I just ate whatever stroked our fancy (read that as cereal for me and Ramen for him!) Thursday, aaaah dinner on Thursday! LOL! Ever have one of those periods of time where you're better off feeding your family PB&J sandwiches? The meal I attempted that night was nothing short of horrendous! LOL! Burned the chicken, soupy mashed potatoes but the carrots turned out okay! My poor family! LOL! I hope it picks up this week! LOL!
I do have some projects I have been working on though! YEAH! I've gotten some scrapbook pages finished and some cards too! See what you think and..... tell me! LOL!

This one is following a "ricetta" from "Amy" - she has great layout ideas and I knew I wanted to do this one for my honey! It really showcases his accomplishment!

This is an old one I am finishing up of my oldest daughter. It's before I had my son and I won't say how long ago that was! LOL! You can see I'm still loving the little "dots"! They seem to work perfect for everything! I used SU's jumbo outline letters for the letters l-e on "playtime". I just love that set as it is so versatile!

On to the cards!

I used the SU set "Tart and Tangy" along with the coordinating papers for this card. I love the bright colors of this paper they're so "clean" looking! If you're a retro gal you'd love these too as they totally look "50's-ish"!

This stamp set is from the SU set called "Always". I love how the flowers are made to go into the bird like that. There are other stamps in this set that are really versatile to both card making and especially scrapbooking.

Here we are with another "Tart and Tangy" card. I can't remember the name of this set off right now but will edit this post later with it! Edited - The words are part of a Stampin Up set called "Smarty Pants"

I used old DP from SU on this one and a kitty sticker I got from Michael's dollar bin! The kitty is SO cute! I had to use him for a card for kids and, more dots!

I'm not crazy about this card but it was in my head to do's done! Now it's back as it needs to be redone differently! I just need to figure out how! LOL! It's coming....stay tuned! LOL!

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Danyelle Kessler said...

Your husband's marathon page rocks! That is an awesome layout! You are on that tangy fruit bandwagon too...and making me like it. I usually don't do fruit, but I do love what you did with that new ds paper.