Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Scrappin'

I'm still scrappin'! It was another crazeee day at work! Still plugging away putting student information in, working on report card stuff, catching up on audits, meeting myself coming as I'm going.....! LOL! You know, normal day to day routine type stuff! LOL! Anyway, to relax and feel better about having some "self accomplishment" today I finished up 2 pages and started another!

Here they are;

This one is from another of Amy's "ricettas". I like how they're different and incorporate more then the standard squares and rectangles that I seem to be stuck on! Anyway, my son Michael went through a dye stage and in this picture he wanted to see if blondes really did have more fun! I tried it once too and no, they don't! LOL!

Here's another one of Michael. I used a chipboard precolored word for the word "Smile" that I picked up at Michael's for $2! Great deal as I used the words again in another LO too! I also used the 2 star punches from Stampin Up to get the stars. If you punch the small one, then center the larger one over it you get a perfect cutout from the stars for a different look! This picture is of him playing with those old cheap cups you used to be able to get at gas stations. He was the apple of my Dad's eye when he lived with them while I was stationed in Korea. Best buds - that's my Dad's foot in the foreground! LOL! You wanted to know that right?!

Tiny ballerina - or not! LOL! Here's Breanna at age 4 at her dance class and another picture of her showing her silly side about it! Needless to say she didn't go any more after that set of classes ran out! Here's an idea for you to try sometime, at Target, in their dollar spot they have rhinestone tatoos once in a while. I used one of those, in a heart shape to surround her face and add another element to the space! I really like it! Oh and more of my little dots too! LOL! I really like those things!


Becky said...

Hey you are close by.
I'm on Lake Ridge ,my hubby works in Fairfax.
So when are we getting together to scrap ; )

Danyelle Kessler said...

I love your pages, Michelle. I remember my daughter in her first dance class....4yo miss know it all was doing everything but dancing...and this year I watched her perform in the Nutcracker at 9yo and what an improvement. Anywho...I need to catch up on my scrap memories, thanks for the inspiration! Brunettes have the kind of fun that blondes are always forgetting about??

Allison said...

These are lovely...really like the dark colors on the first one! And your header looks like our day here in Calgary...arrgh, it's April! Love the cardinal!