Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tagged.....I'm "It"!

I've been "TAGGED"! I'm "IT"! LOL! I've seen this "tag" going around on the different blogs I follow and thought "how interesting"! Now I think "wow I have to figure our 7 wierd or interesting facts about myself - tough job"! LOL! Hmmm I've been tagged by my friends Nardi and Danyelle - thanks guys! So do I list only 7 now, or should I list 14?! I think I'll stick with the 7 for now! LOL! Okay first - the rules (there are always rules right?! LOL!) I have to post back to the people who "tagged" me, then post on 7 more blogs to let them know they've been "tagged"! Well, sit down and brace yourself for some soulbaring interesting (or not) tidbits about myself!

1. I am a woman (no shocker there!) that doesn't like chocolate or ice cream (I see
your jaw drop open there!)

2. I have almost 14 years of military service in the Air Force - thats active duty,
active Reserves and inactive Reserves!

3. I am the only girl in my family - right smack in the middle of 4 boys! They're
all either still active duty military or retired military too! (no, I wasn't
spoiled either - really!)

4. I LOVE fast cars (see previous post), wait some of you already know that.....
especially my BFF Cally who was with me when I got my last ticket - oops!

5. I hate grocery shopping with a passion! Let me loose in a mall all day or a
craft store and I have a very active imagination but, put food in front of me
and I'm stuck for ideas! LOL!

6. I am a crafty person - name it I've done it! Macrame animals, cake decorating,
making beaded jewelry, quilting (I'm even published in a book as a quilt
tester!), painted windows and wall murals, and am a paper crafter but, I can NOT
gift wrap worth a darn! I stink at it actually! I love the person who came up
with the "gift bag" idea! They ROCK!

7. I've lived on 3 different continents, have traveled to 19 different countries,
I've moved over 30 times in my lifetime!

Okay I think I'm good for now but let me think of some others who need this "tag" too! I choose,



Those are the only ones I can come up with right now that haven't already been tagged! Have fun girls!


Lisa said...

l love your blog, i'm adding you to my daily visits

Amy said...

Thanks so much for tagging me! I'll get to it soon! Take care!

Danyelle Kessler said...

How much TMO heartbreak = 30 moves? Just curious...want to know what to expect?