Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Fun!

Note - the first posting of this had to be deleted due to spam! Darn creeps!

Woooo! I'm having so many fun days lately I almost don't know what to do! LOL! Sunday my friend Vanessa and I ran the Washington D.C. St Patrick's Day 8K race! It was cold, it was windy, I was thinking "we're totally crazy for doing this...." but, we had SO much fun anyway despite it all! Big waves to Vanessa you're an awesome running partner! Poor Vanessa is seriously going to have to consider weights in the hem of her pants next time as she had a hard time running in the wind! It's one time I'm glad I have a little weight on my body I wasn't as easy for the wind to blow around! LOL! We did it though! We both finished in good times too! YEAH for us!! Enjoy the pictures we took before, during and after! LOL! I guess you can tell who the "scrappy runners" are huh?! LOL!

This is just before the race. We're smiling now because we're warm! Starbucks is good for more then coffee sometimes! It's where we waited for the race to start. Don't we look "cute" in our matching tees?! We had matching glittery hair scrunchies too! Vanessa is such a great friend! I had a ton of fun with her!

Here we are enjoying our run mid way and smiling despite the huge cold windgusts in our faces! True scrappers huh!

We did it! Here we are still smiling at the end! Actually I think the smiles were frozen on our faces by then! LOL! We were glad to be done! LOL!

Now, on to the next race.........


Lisa said...

Great job! I am impressed.

Danyelle Kessler said...

That looked fun!

tmac96 said...

Hi! Wow, another craft loving runner like me?! So glad to have found you! I enjoyed looking at your blog. Great LOs and cards AND I enjoyed your race report too! Can't wait to read more. :-)