Friday, May 30, 2008

Long Week!

I hope you've had a good week. For me, it's been a long week! I started my weight training again to help build strength in my legs and, gosh does that just wipe me out! We are supposed to start our really long runs tomorrow out at a trail they made from an old railroad track. We went there every weekend last summer since it's so convenient not to mention a very pretty place to run as well! There are all sorts of animals out there (not just the men on bikes either!) I've seen deer, rabbits, different birds etc.. It's a great place to take your mind off of things as well! I have a lot on my mind these days! Closing down my show at work is not as easy as just walking away one day! I've got mountains of stuff I am hoping to accomplish so I don't leave her in a lurch wondering what's going on! They interviewed my potential replacements this past week as well. That meant for a bag of mixed emotions for sure! I was happy to say goodbye to stress but not happy to be saying good bye to my friends, my babies, my life at the school. I took a picture of something creative I did at work while waiting for programs to process so I can do what I have to do for report cards. Take a look! LOL!

Can you see it?! I was bored and had to do something with my idle hands! LOL! Aaaah what insanity will make you do sometimes! LOL! (I hope my boss doesn't read this because I'm sure he'll say "could you be filing"!)

So the other day I was at the grocery store ( my least favorite place around) and I searched high and low for everything on my list (which was conveniently left in the car!) and proceeded to the check out. Do you ever get into the longest line just so you can read the interesting articles in the magazines that are just not worth buying - sort of "rent" them while you wait type scenario?! LOL! Anyways, that would be me standing there checking out the pictures of how Angelina Jolie is the only woman I know of who could be pregnant with twins and still look gorgeous! If that were me they'd have hit me with a stun gun and put me on exhibit at the zoo! "Hey Mom look at the new hippo"! LOL! Anyway, while standing there I was noticing on the "help yourself" line that no matter what you put up there to scan that, if you hesitated, the computer would state, very loudly mind you, "please move your_____" to the belt". HHmmm can you imagine how funny it would be if you put certain items up there "Please put your pigs feet on the belt"? Huh? Say what?! The secret would be out of the bag for someone when it would say "please put your pickles, ice cream and pregnancy test on the belt"! Oooh what a way to tell the neighborhood! LOL! Note to self: don't go to self serve aisle when purchasing female hygiene items! LOL! How fast would the men around you scatter when they hear "Please put your chocolate, tampons, Midol and hammer on the belt"! Oooh that could make for one bad night! LOL! Anyway, have a great weekend! Mine will be fun (not!) while we dig through boxes in the garage!

Until next time....

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Melzie said...

Oh gosh! That's hilarious! I wonder, and hope not, if any of my students will do this on their exams this next week-- yikes!! If they did... I might give them credit towards making me laugh... hehe