Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out With The Old.....

And in with the new! It's that time of year for me to get my new running shoes! My other shoes are a little worn out - poor baby's! I can still wear them casually (good thing at the price I paid too!) but for training it's time for a new pair! I decided to go with some Adidas brand this time for a couple of reasons.

One - the pair I got sent proceeds to support breast cancer research (I'm a big advocate seeing as I was so close myself - long story!)

Two - they're pink! (Did you read that Vanessa?!!)

Three - when you run long distance and it's warm weather face it - your feet sweat! They stink! This pair is ventilated not only on the top with mesh material but the bottom has ventilation holes as well! Down side to the bottom holes? Don't run in puddles or wear them when it's raining! Ask me how I figured this one out! LOL! I still like them though! I also like the larger toe spread since I have wide feet! Okay, maybe that was TMI but it's one thing I have to look for! LOL! So now my Mizuno's are resting comfortably in the closet and the new Adidas are on the steps always ready to go!

Here's my Mizunos now 392.60 miles, two fun runs and one half marathon later!

My new girls, laced up and ready to go (okay they've already gone.... almost 10 miles but that's only because of my nice snotty cold I picked up in Ohio!- Adidas (gotta come up with a catchy title for these now! LOL!)

In honor of my purple babies I'll have to work on some purple projects when my friends come over today!

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Anonymous said...

How bout, "the pink panthers"?