Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Special Friend - Prayer Request

It's not easy to work in an elementary school without getting attached to a few hundred of them! LOL! Then along comes a special few who drop by every day to give hugs, wave and knock at the windows or tackle you for a hug as you walk across the cafeteria! Something so wonderful about 25 kids with arms open wide begging for hugs! LOL! Anyway, you do meet a really special one once in a while too! For me, this was my little friend "Adria"! A gorgeous little girl with a giggle that defines "infectious"! She is just the sweetest little girl for more then just her cute smile, this little girls attitude towards everything makes all your "troubles" seem so much smaller! Adria is a survivor of stomach cancer who, has had it return for a second round. To look at her skipping down the hallway just waving and smiling to everyone you'd never know the paths her shoes have gone in the past! Okay, you can tell she's really special to me! If she can handle that, what can't "I" handle? Well, with Mom's permission, I have a picture of her to put up and a special request! If you're so inclined could you please pray for Adria, and her family? I know this is taking a lot out of everyone so they sure can use the extra prayers! Thanks in advance!

Here we are - she's the cute one on the left!


Anonymous said...

I will certainly lift Adria and her family up in prayer. Good luck with your move!

Unknown said...

awww, she's adorable! i will put her and her family in my thoughts and prayers... is there any way to get a card out to her? let me know!